Yadira Castellanos is an art historian, CECOA / ABEX expert and legal expert in front of the belgian courts. She's specialist in painting and drawings from the XVI and XVII centuries.
In 2014, she founded the Expertise Laboratory for art works with the aim of precising traditional expertise with archaeometric techniques. One of its specialties is the research of the origins of art works in the archives. These are essential tools for a better understanding of the works, more certain attributions and fairer estimates.

Jean-François Régis is a certified expert at the European chamber of art consultants CECOA, He is member of the royal chamber of antique dealers of Belgium and member of the national syndicate of antique dealers S.N.A. He is a specialist in furniture and decorative art objects of the 18th century, the ancient and decorative marble as well as the ancient sculpture.


Jean Gauchet is the founder and main expert of Gauchet Asian Art. He more particularly oriented his expertise towards Asian art and antiques. Thanks to its numerous stays in China and East Asia, he has enriched his knowledge in art, traditions, languages and the various cultural aspects that these countries have to offer. He thus became a leading expert in the field of Asian arts and fine arts, as well as Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Greco-Buddhist, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Burmese, Islamic and Nepalese. He has a sharp eye that allows him to discover and highlight exceptional works. Thanks to his experiences in different fields of the art world, he brings his expertise to auction houses, private collectors, museums and large companies around the world. He is a member of the Oriental Ceramic Society in London and is an expert in Asian art for the European Chamber of Art Consultants in Paris (CECOA). In addition to bringing his skills to professionals and individuals, Jean is also the main Asian art expert for the Millon auction house in Paris, organizing quarterly sales and bringing his expertise

towards the clients.

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